"I and our company have been fortunate to have access to the services of Bob Sniderman for over seven years. He has successfully supported us in a range of HR activities from the routine (e.g., development of an Employee Handbook) to the more specialized (e.g., resolving issues with difficult employees).

Bob is a valuable asset to our team. He is sensitive to both people and business issues. By quickly and efficiently helping us to resolve personnel and other company issues, he has allowed us to focus on and expand our core business."

— Matthew Creager
Ph.D., President
Structural Integrity Engineering

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Hiring Assessment

Recruitment and hiring may be the most tedious and expensive processes in employment. Recruitment and training of new hires is costly, and you can lose months in severance, salaries, and insurance support if employees leave. High turnover rates also prevent well-qualified candidates to apply for positions, if they think offices are difficult to work or succeed in.

Welcome to our Virtual HR Center! The assessment you are about to participate in has been developed to identify talents within you which, when recognized, can be enhanced and enable you to reach your highest potential.

If you are a job applicant, the assessment will in no way constitute the total basis for hiring or placement. It will merely serve as one of the aids helping us know you better.

We encourage you to answer the questions as rapidly and forthrightly as possible. It is important, both for yourself as well as HRFocus USA, to be as candid and direct as possible in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Please note below the time needed for the assessment assigned to you. Make every effort to ensure you are not distracted or otherwise involved during this process, as this is important to your future. Please click on the link for your assigned assessment.

Best wishes for your growth and success!

Achiever 1 hour 20 minutes
Spanish Achiever 1 hour 20 minutes
Sales Achiever 1 hour 20 minutes
Executive Achiever 1 hour 45 minutes
Achiever w/ Math 1 hour 30 minutes
International Achiever 1 hour 20 minutes
Guardian 1 hour 10 minutes
Scoreboard 20 minutes
Spanish Scoreboard 20 minutes
Scoreboard w/ Admissions 35 minutes
Spanish Scoreboard w/ Admissions 35 minutes
Customer Service Performer 45 minutes
Production Performer 45 minutes
Leadership Challenge 30 minutes
Sales Challenge 30 minutes
Customer Service Challenge 30 minutes
Career Advisor 1 hour 20 minutes
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