"Dr. Sniderman has served as a skilled, even-tempered sounding board, offering guidance and wisdom regarding a host of business-related concerns throughout the years. Through our exchanges, I often come to clearer and more considered decisions. I recommend him highly."

— Ira Heilveil, Ph.D., CEO
Pacific Child and Family Associates

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Policies and Employee Handbook

As a business owner, it is essential to foster a professional environment that ensures consistent and fair treatment of all employees. Are you providing your employees with the correct tools to build a functional, satisfied workplace?

One size does not fit all. An Employee Handbook and consistent policies and procedures properly discloses the ins and outs of the workplace, both within the office and regarding state or federal employment requirements. An employee handbook needs to be tailored to your business, including the gray areas of workplace procedures, conduct, and legal issues.

Whether you have an office of less than ten, or are expanding to more than one hundred, a no-nonsense, black and white office guide leaves no questions for the what, why, where, who and how every employee will encounter at some point during their tenure.

HRFocus will assist you in establishing policies and procedures that will allow your office (and ultimately, your business) to run successfully, as well as comply with both Federal and State laws.

We'll help you craft or restructure your Policies and Employee Handbook for such issues as:

  • Workplace rules and regulations
  • Disclosure issues to employees, including employment "at-will" language
  • Compliance of State and Federal laws, including insurance and medical leave
  • Sexual harassment prevention procedures
  • Business ethics
  • Vacation and sick leave policies
  • Loss prevention and on the job safety policies
  • Hiring, retention, promotion and termination practices
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